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The Freedom Riders welcomes new members.


Anyone interested in the future of motorcycling and the rights, safety and welfare of motorcyclists, and who agrees to support the Freedom Riders Constitution is eligible to join. Membership is limited to individuals. Chapters are not permitted.

Prospective members must join at a club meeting. They will become full members after attending three Club activities and being voted on by the membership. This probationary period is to confirm a new member's active interest in the Club.

Initial dues are $35.00, which will include a small club patch, after achieving full membership. Annual renewals are $25.00.

As a full member, the individual will be eligible to purchase and wear items with the Club logo including patches (with the exception of the LHR patch which may be worn after one year of full membership).

Non-riders (someone who does not have access to a motorcycle for one full year) are allowed but may not make up more than 15% of the total club membership.

How to Join

Join us for a ride or other activity.  If you like the club, attend a general membership meeting and sign up.